Are recommendations important when choosing a nanny?

This is a very ambiguous question. Often moms and dads want a potential nanny / assistant to have solid recommendations. From a psychological point of view, of course, it is important for them to know the opinion of the previous employer about the candidate.

According to parents, the fact that recommendations are available increases the candidate's reliability and reduces risks. In the case of our compatriots, unfortunately, it is not a problem to create such a document yourself and even agree on oral recommendations. In the case of Filipino staff, the probability of making fake recommendations is reduced to zero, since Filipinos at least do not have the ability to type Russian-language text on a computer or write it by hand. But it is not even a question of authenticity of the document. The opinions and recommendations of complete strangers may not be of real value to you and may even mislead you. After all, all parents and children are different, family circumstances and life are individual, the requirements of employers differ. And if the nanny or assistant fully met the requirements of one family, it does not mean that it is also suitable for another. Therefore, when choosing a nanny, you should not completely trust the recommendations or filter out the candidate without recommendations. it is important to spend trial days, observe the person and draw your own conclusions.

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