Не пустой Nannies and their salary expectations.

Nannies and their salary expectations.

Why do we Not accept applications with a salary level lower than the average market?
Not all parents, alas, understand that low wages are often associated with high risks. Although it would seem to be a perfectly logical question, what is wrong with a candidate if he goes to a level lower than the generally accepted one?this is Most often due to the following factors:

- Lack of the necessary experience (and here the family should understand that having gained this experience from you and trained on your children, the nanny will start looking for better conditions, and perhaps this will happen even faster than we think).

- Problems with documents and inability to pass verification in Agencies, as a result-readiness for any offer of direct employment. In addition, with a salary below the market, families are so happy with few candidates that they almost do not check!

- The presence of "dark spots" in the professional biography. Information about candidates may be contained in black lists of agencies, black lists of Internet resources.

And I would like to say something about vacancies with accommodation. For quite a long time, the level of salary expectations with and without accommodation has equaled, the advantage is in the number of working hours, with more accommodation.

However, there are cases when wages below the market can be justified.
For example, if the amount of work is very small and there is a lot of free time, if the nanny lives nearby, then the ability to save on transport and travel time may incline a good nanny to a less profitable offer in financial terms. When working in the family is a part-time job (retired neighbors, nannies from kindergarten, and so on). In rare cases, the nanny is so attached to the family and the child that she works on the s/p below the market, not wanting to part with the comfortable atmosphere of the family.

And finally, the level of average market salaries for nannies in Moscow today:
Schedule 5/2 50-60tr./month
Schedule 6/1 60-65tr./month
Hourly payment 300-500r/hour (the less hours, the more expensive the hour).

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