Не пустой Personal experience of the founder of the agency Malevannaya Julia

Personal experience of the founder of the agency Malevannaya Julia

Good day, my friends! I would really like to tell you a story about my agency. About why I decided to combine my life with this business, leaving behind a successful career in banking. About my personal journey and how this reflects in our work.

I started my career when I was 18 years old at the University distance education Office, and to be able to have an additional income, I was looking for any opportunity available. One day I met a family that were looking for a nanny to take care of a girl who was 7 years old. Even though I didn’t have any experience in this field, the wonderful family gave me an opportunity based on my care for kids and proactive behavior. 

I can remember how we used to pick up leaves in the park and how we created different crafty things for her working mother. How I plaited her hair. In this was, in all honesty, a job which reflected instantly on my actions - kid’s laughter and trust, her patience and happiness when I came to work, trust of secrets. Believe me, this bright emotional state, no other work can ever bring!

Next, I became a mother myself, a mother of a wonderful daughter. My next job did not let me enjoy motherhood for long, so I needed a nanny for my family as well. And so I got my experience as an employer too. And that was scary! One of my candidate’s key quotes: “Your daughter doesn’t have enough teeth for her age, but I can help you. Bring me a head of a black chicken”.

Nevertheless, nannies were found, daughter was growing up and my career was going uphill. Due to some circumstances and my character I was always a hard working mom, many nannies were in my life. And I thought, I know everything about them! 

My youngest daughter had showed me, that I know everything but not about everyone. With her birthday I decided to have a Filipino nanny. To say that I was scared - not much can be said. 

Firstly, I didn’t speak English. Secondly, I was sure that it was expensive (in conclusion it was cheaper that my budget nanny-relative). Thirdly, scary thing on the internet, have you read about bed bugs? Or that they leave without notice? This information at the top of all scary things who thought about a Filipino nanny and decided to google them.

But, my need for a nanny was stronger than my nightmares and a new Filipino nanny, Maki, entered our life. Life separates between before and after. I couldn’t believe my happiness! Not that she cares for our children lovingly, but she also took all the house needs on herself! And not that long ago I was cleaning before a nanny came... I shared my happiness with my friends who have asked me to choose a nanny for them. And then, every day I began to work as an agent. 

You want to know what helps to choose the right nanny? That, me, myself, remember, how a nanny needs to act with a child, and that I know what other mums want and need. And my banking experience and being able to check a person on all bases. This is how my experience affected my life choice.

To this day, my project is one of the best in the sphere of choosing home staff. This is mostly due to how we do our job. We don’t just choose someone random, we work on each request with maximum detail, and we create partner-like relationships with families and personnel. In my view, these specific relationships will lead to long and comfortable cooperation.

We have opened a school for men-mentors, for help in raising boys older than 3 years. Our school graduates don’t just receive information on how child’s psychology varies, growth, physical activity, first aid, but also go through medical/psychological testing in a profile medical institution with an official conclusion which shows lack of psychological difficulties, pedophilia and aggression.

Units for choosing Russian, Filipino and French personnel function successfully. And we are seriously thinking of working with nannies from China. 

I would like to thank all families who have trusted this series matter and let us show you our care and approach.

I would be happy to see anyone who is still thinking of inviting a nanny to their family. I will always answer your questions and will share my personal and professional experience.

Wish you the best helpers and nannies in your families!

Kind regards,
Julia Malevannaya

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