Credit history

Why do we check the credit histories of candidates in our Agency?
The fact is that the Agency's task is to provide the family with the most reliable candidates that the family can rely on. And credit history data can tell you a lot about a person.

If the credit history contains information about loans for which all payments were made on time, then of course this is an indicator of the candidate's responsibility in relation to obligations, and we can assume that this applies not only to the Bank:)
If the candidate has a large loan (for example, a mortgage or car loan), payments on which are made on time, this is also a very good indicator, because such a nanny is focused on a permanent job and a stable income.
If the credit history contains information about loans that are repaid with small delays (10-30 days) or that are still being repaid, this is also not a bad sign. There are different situations, but we understand that this situation is not the norm for a candidate, and he always tried to fix it.
Closed delays of more than 90 days. Not a very good indicator and a reason for a personal conversation with the candidate.
We categorically reject candidates who have at least 5 credit cards with overdue payments. This is a clear indicator that a person does not adequately assess their capabilities, has a tendency to live beyond their means, and can easily violate their obligations. Although, this may be a responsible person, forced by circumstances to take a lot of unaffordable loans (children's education, illness of relatives, etc.), but in such circumstances, the presence of delays can cause stress, insomnia, apathy. It is also necessary to understand that strong emotional experiences turn into high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, etc.And this, in turn, is not safe for working with children in families.
There are a lot of available options for checking your credit history, and if you want to do this, your family can do it on their own.

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