How do I choose a home staff Agency?

Indeed, many players come to this market "to cut money out of thin air" and pick up nannies with Avito and Helpers, are not responsible for the quality of the proposed staff, you have to spend time interviewing candidates, looking for those who do not fit the stated requirements at all!

What you should pay attention to when choosing an Agency:
1. Own database of candidates whose stories are known to the Agency (and the Agency's willingness to demonstrate this database).
2. Availability of real reviews about the Agency.
3. Own system of personnel evaluation and readiness to show it to the client.
4. Assess the role of the Agency in staff adaptation (whether they help the family and the nanny establish a good relationship in the first months of work, whether they form a contract between the nanny and the family, whether they help in conflict situations).
5. That in addition to the selection is included in the service? Analyses of the nanny? Assessment of the psychological profile in a specialized medical institution?
6. How many replacements is the Agency willing to provide under the contract? What time frame? What does the Agency do if the nanny is ill?
7. And last but not least! You have talked on the phone, studied the site, perhaps even been in the office, ask yourself the question-do these people really know what they are doing? Can I really trust them with family recruitment?
If all the questions received positive answers, then you can safely contact such an Agency, and it will not be thrown" to the wind " money, but will be a reasonable payment for your peace of mind and professional approach.
The best nannies and helpers in our families!

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