Agreement with the nanny

The nanny or assistant is selected, now you need to think about the contract.
Why do I need a nanny agreement?
-By entering into a contract, you will avoid many awkward moments and misunderstandings.
-In case of disputes, you can always rely on the contract clauses.
-For the staff, this is a guarantee of calm and comfortable work.
-In case of violation of any of the clauses of the agreement, you will be able to apply penalties provided for in the contract.

When selecting through our Agency, we undertake this part of the work and draw up individual contracts for each family.

And if the staff is hired by independent search, what contract should be drawn up and what should be included in it?
Both you and the nanny are individuals, which means that you can draw up and sign 2 types of contracts: for services or employment.

The first type is a contract. The employee's seniority is not counted, but they must pay their own taxes. Additional bonuses from your side – sick pay and the right to leave.

The second type of contract is concluded by the authorities and guarantees the rights of the employer and employee. The employee and employer both pay taxes, and the nanny goes to work experience. The main difference between the employment contract and the employment contract, regardless of whether it is written in it or not, labor provides the employee (nanny) with social guarantees, such as paid sick leave and vacation, as well as insurance deductions.

We recommend including the following items in the contracts themselves:
☘ Babysitting duties;
☘ operating mode;
☘ family safety rules;
☘ information about compensation for overtime and forced downtime;
☘ information about work when accompanying family on vacation;
☘ domestic issues of the nanny's stay in the family (food, use of hygiene places, use of a mobile phone, etc.);
☘ information about fines and bonuses;
☘ terms of termination of the contract.

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