Advance to home staff or what exactly is not worth doing.


At our Agency, we recommend paying for the work of domestic staff strictly for the time of actually working! Any payment in advance can turn out to be a rather unpleasant situation. 

For example, in the month of January, five of our clients had a need to replace their nanny after paying money in advance! And this affected equally Russian and Filipino personnel. And only in 3 cases the Agency managed to return the advance payment from the nanny to the employer within a week, in other cases it remained unresolved. 

What if, despite all the recommendations, you want or need to pay the nanny in advance? When does such a need most often arise? When a family goes on a long vacation without a nanny and pays her “simple”, or the nanny has experienced a force majeure, and she asks the employer for participation and payment in advance. 

In this case, pay attention to the amount of the advance payment, if it is less than 50 thousand rubles, then advance under the self-made debt receipt, which you will destroy when the nanny works out the prescribed time. Samples of receipts are on the Internet, for our customers we provide ready-made samples. 

If the amount is higher, then we strongly recommend that you issue a receipt with a notary. This greatly disciplines the staff and helps to avoid possible troubles.

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